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Exequor Entropy (Vendlus Records 2007)

   Strong influences of death and Black Metal scene of extremity; these Industrial/Ambient crew made by half-human and half-machine in Norwegian soil with Kristoffer Oustad and Eddie Risdal soundscapes doing their trilogy of destruction themed and VioLution will be your third installments from the group calling themselves as V:28 within this metallic industrial intrusion performance as permanent bass-player Atle Johansen arrived and a collaboration between Death Metal, Black Metal and Industrial Metal seems to be related to the advertisement board-sign on the wall from the drop bomb hammering the land comes down like doomsday through Desert Generator, Surrender to Oblivion, Can You See The Light Now ?, Shut It Down, The Absolute and Pattern of The Weak – would bombarding your stereo like world war three storming raids !