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Everafter Reveries (Independent 2007)

   Emptiness comes down to showing the eyes of the audience about the gates of walls standing in silence which invited the melodious Symphonic Progressive Rock/Metal written of self-emotions, life stories, feelings and sorrow taken from the heavy influences of Gothic Metal or operatic rock for the female led-singing crew hailed from Perth, Western Australia consisted for Duane Bonney (drums, vocals, guitars), Alitia Atkins (vocals), Guy Lilico (keyboards, samples), Linus Chen (guitars) and Uwe Harnisch (bass guitar) as the reflection of sadness past history lies quiet in form of the monuments used to be built by an advance traditional culture whom then, perhaps – being scattered by differences and enemies from the outside world to be crushed and extinct and gone as these memorial place stays ancient but rules under the solitude unknown supernatural as being told to your senses by ShadowPlay.

   One can easily captures the deeper feeling of mourns since the opening tracks Faded, Alone right through Once, Elegy and In The Mirror completely beautiful and mysterious as the great keyboards performance and female singer gripping controls for eternity sacred tales need to be passed on to the next generation for the many questions asked over harmony and secrets which contains wisdom learning for a better days than those Unforgiven Years.