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Estronomicon (Black Bow Records 2016)

Metal Doomster and Stoner/Sludge unit hailing themselves from Belfast, Northern Ireland is consisting for Chris on guitars, David and guitars to Marty the drummer and vocals leading for it blasting ensemble eruptions as Slomatics releasing this next bursting records from the catalogs of their metallic thrashy and grooved seminal extreme sounds on Future Echo Returns as a malfunction and the growing threat off the alien-space seeds begun to conquering the walls and the system of your community on those remote facility as the chaos turning the tides for a new beginning of an evolution in the surface where the communication went down, no messages can be sent and your final choices for surviving isn’t the better one because you’re being chosen by fate to be the unlucky one.

This time nothing held completely, saver as the tracks on buzzing blisters carried on the terror within it as Electric Breath, Into The Eternal, Rat Chariot, Supernothing, Ritual Beginnings and in The Grip of Fausto finally, tells what’s really going on from the start to the deadly finish-line. 

Sludge Metal is the cause for those extinction programs.

Future Echo Returns: