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Epitome (Selfmadegod 2017)

   Classic nineties Death Metal logic and groovy Modern Metal extremity re-ensemble via this mixture of the heavier shaken interests of head-banging proton Industrial style rocking and deranged thrashy doomy collaborations of madness in disguising could be said being dragging in by Lobotomy Dept. leans more devastated things by the duet metal-heads performance crushers off Lasse Pyykko (Hooded Menace and Rogga Johnson (Paganizer, Putrevore) as the forming of Finnish/Swedish continuing of destructive force that started for many years and many years more to New World Coma releasing.

Fast enough to fiercely, grinding and shredding the ear-thermal burning pace within this mini recording blasted the Controller Breeder or Cold Rising – means terrible as the projects follows the hell-bent that being created within it. 

PS. For fans of Scorn, Nailbomb and Godflesh fanatics makes better denial/rebels ! 

New World Coma: