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Epitaph Luna Worm (Setanta Records 1994)

   Opening the pages with the quartet members: Dale Grundle, Alice Lemon, Ger FitzGerald and Peter Kelly under the color of old paper blending via Folk Rock and Indie-Pop as you covering the face with a reflector can shows anything in front of you except yourself; Catchers might releasing Mute for such reasons but sadness and despairs of missing someone as well as the needs for someone’s help might getting mixed up closer deep as the simplicity comes and milking it through melodies and fairness from London.

   Great recording and listed of tracks that occurs within gender’s unity and relationship romance mesmerizing the evening sky by these whispering Cotton Dress, Country Freaks, Jesus Spaceman, Song For Autumn and Sleepyhead among others entertains us – giving back some of the lost smiles at a moment.