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Ephyra Medusae (Not On Label 2015)

   Progressive Rock or Metal unit hailed from the disclosure place named Terre Haute of Indiana which Luke Boisemier (bass), Cody Butler (guitars), Zachary Huff (drums, electronics), Logan Pollaro (guitars) and Joey Fenoglio (vocals) being themselves to releasing the sacred angst of the youth and non-politic issues related to the themes that has been written carefully in such arrangements by these Sirens (group) over the debut record of Surge. 
   Means something unique and powerful to combines there as Dubstep, Heavy Metal to Metal-Core and Progressive Rock by electronic rocking cable-stationed did a tremendous sounds of variety blasts and pinkish stinging poisonous as jellyfish from the depth of ocean lurks and the secretive tasks tracks right there displaying louder and high in techniques serving the ears of those metallic-heads a great panoramic views and mysteries among sci-fi to regular daily stories which carried out by the streams out of Pendulous, Macroscopic, Cloudbreak, Unstable and Floating, Swarm Dynamics or Drone and Drift. 

Screamo-rock did shaking the ceiling of your consciousness re-viewing the uncharted spots out of our watery sources.