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Elliot 4U Smile (Daemon/DevilDuck 2005)

Managed to be leading the roles of these fine independent girls: Linda Hopper and Ruthie Morris as well as additional Indie-rockers like Shannon Mulvaney or David McNair or even Josh Freese as the alias of Homemade Sister but well-known later internationally as Magnapop – the based rock Alternative group from Atlanta, Georgia formed in the late eighty-nine era. On this fourth recordings off their entire career that seems to be stagnant not brighter as stars but keep going on continually, written the daily social themes and female-interpretations on equality to emancipation brought to your stereo system by Mouthfeel that acted like a burning match which ready to set the entire surroundings in flames if the majority still ignoring the secret messages on thus catchy songs like PDX, Satellite, California onto Think For Yourself or Stick To Me reveals the whole Pilgrim’s Prayer as a lie beyond recognition; re-writing like history in your legal school books telling the false beats needing to be reformed by type of this genre sounds !