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Elizabeth Chateau (Eastern Developments 2007)

Based for New York but originally formed in Atlanta – Georgia perhaps, you need to taste the oddity beats creatively, in the making project programmed within this record from these Electric-Pop duo Leyode that consisting Laurel Wells and Yusuke Hama on the releasing for Fascinating Tininess... as the combination for Hip-Hop, Glitch-Downtempo, Leftfield and Avant-Garde of broken beats flows through the golden haired goddess like drawn-symbols on the group’s front cover artworks.

Melodious, solid soften, delivers as not too much using for sugary and implicating dominant androgyny forms of tracks mentioned about several women like Isabelle, Dominique, Clementine to Irene and Sophie sensually transparent to our ears adjusting thus variable mixture of horn sections and synthesizers effects collecting the harmony ammunition not for over-heating glory but smothered weather accompanied before darkness and weekend madness started again. 

Fascinating Tininess: