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Eliminer Gluttons (Amputated Vein Records 2018)

   Liege, Belgium – heaviest Extreme melodic Death Metal formation said that they’re coming from hell as the brutalized worldwide destruction being written and arranging beasty well by these trio: Jason (vocals, drums, programming), Roy (guitars, bass, drums, programming) and Mats (session guitars and bass) as being Human Barbecue telling us about the entire global planet went down into the bowl of total annihilation as civil wars raging and happening on the most soils upon the countries – killing spree of anti humanity based off false religious threats and fundalmentalist renewing the order of vicious killer among differences and colossal mass-murdering acts as being sanctioned but continues to grow like tumor hatred inside us all without mercy and related exactly to this – the releasing of gory album artworks and title on Cannibalistic Flesh Harvest – where modernity and technology fell down into year zero as climate changes destroys all of our crops, weather conditions and poverty spreading like infections; turning mankind onto a flesh-eating individuals carving to consuming things left behind while the natural source gone forever now. Crawl, Fetus Recycling (featuring Calum Forrest on vocals), Repugnant Dismemberment (Johannes Schmailz on vocals) as well as Hunted and Gutted, Caged or Run did tells the audience about the near future devastation that really already predicted and soon to occurs upon us being too late to understands and preventing as Death Metal always showing the audience the sickest and the worst things not yet to come but they will !

Cannibalistic Flesh Harvest: