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El Fin 25 or 6 To 4 (Vintage Mastering 2017)

   The five-piece of Mexico District Federal crew – Voltax that is going to reminding some of the serious-ass mother-fucker loving Heavy Metal heads about the newer version of Skid Row meets Judas Priests rebirthing inside the bodies of Jerry (vocals), Diego (guitars), Hector (bass), Mario (drums) and Rich (guitars) whom playing their louder and faster music like there’s no tomorrow again saying that no old school or new school – only as pure as playing heavy performance we wanted and we can – no less in this pleasuring of thrashy metallic head-banging Speed metal sounds. 

   The results really shocking you up just like the releasing album for No Retreat… You Surrender by Voltax; with the wolf-rider epically, rising the braver armors against the battling evil of hellish city in the near future or the existing illuminated pasts that led by thus clean high-toned vocals, magic rhythms and belligerent solos to the heaviest riffs and blasting beats of the drum-sets as the bass-line guarding the metallic rocks that being brought by Go With Me, Deadly Games, This Void We Ride, Broken World and Explota – shredding the themes of dangerous mission and adventure journey facing the invisible tasks to be successfully – done. Many will liking these Mexico presentation to the worldwide Heavy Metal scene !

No Retreat... You Surrender: