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Eastern Standard (Independent 2013)

   He’s not related or perhaps, he might be but he got different perception about the life itself with his talented musical interest and self-writing materials for the own songs and recording here which you may escaping something but entirely, meet the recording mini album from Steven King on Tamerak – wonder which that really means but this Columbus, Ohio guy might not asking five tracks to became your favorite songs for this week but maybe again – you would love to listening to his works here on the composition recording crew consisting for drummer Lex Vegas, horns player Alex Nauth, Sammy Dodge the lead guitar, Devyn Glistovski on piano and back-up vocals onto Loren Turner or Mat Franklin the leading guitars or Daisy Caplan on bass as well as Steven King himself playing guitars and vocals and bass too.

   From the Live (Wild) to Stars and Tonight could be the neaty Folk Cowboys Alt-Country and Garage Glam which doing surf to the space and back on the plain earth of the wilderness west parts of America as the story telling continues within the beats and the harmony compositions right here …