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Dull (Independent 2015)

Remains inability simple but went through some Electronic techniques to be understood as the deepest belief at some point life in everybody happens for experiences adventure on purposes just like feeling marginalized for that headless woman figure sitting inside her own bad dreams world and common quality paradoxical expressing means complex as mind visiting in estrangement resulting point of beauty in a recording mini-album from the project calling itself as The Marv releasing this objective depression journey on musical sounds via The Marginal, Pain & Beauty.

Haunting session of kinds conforming struggles tales of unimportant beauty made the path as introspective mixture within essential voices, heavy analog bass-beats onto dirty synths in bigger drums vibrates for the rendezvous master mixing within the glowing greenish materials from the rock formations or as weird as Struggle in The Wood and Jasmin Beauty Dew drank by men the conqueror and got poisoned. 

The Marginal, Pain & Beauty: