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Double It ! (Bandcamp 2014)

   Awesome performance did well preserved by these Orlando, Florida crew mixing their talents in music with no such distict genres but Fusion of Rock/Jazz shall giving the recognitions to Colby Peters (drums/vocals), Christian Logaglio (vocals/guitars) and Ed Rizo (bass/vocals) of Galia Social on their releasing on these three tracks recording session through-out the titled album calls Instrumentals within technical drumming, bass lines and rocking fingerstyle trio performing for Doorways in the limited editing over eight minute and thirty-seven seconds would amazed you ears. Long distance imaginative and envisioned duration progress which covering the lesser formation onto a greater composition arrangements really sounded fascinating to listen by the audience whom loving this type of ceremony of melodic musical works as well as Tennessee Nightingale closing their purposes on showing the public what kind of song-writer and good music-heads they’re truly are after thus four minutes and four seconds …