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Double-Edged (Inimical/Self-Released 2011)

Consisting for Alex Carroccio, Clifton Martin, Lee Lawrence and Stan Wright and naminf themselves Arctic Flower as these punkrockers from Portland, Oregon declaring their first debut recording session album production within a very good eerie cover arts and mid-tempo finest blister distortion and melodic beats for your moshing pleasure only – with a safety pin on as well as smart movements messaging package. Destroyed village through Reveries – the recording sense the actual lyrics tales teller for today’s new millennium generation that Punk Rock is staying to keep the struggles on and rebels must be for some or a cause to relevantly, did and done against the casting of bigger problems turning the planet to sewer and overpopulation expanding the poverty effects like domino on your table but this is important to think about in the search for permanent solution not just a small game as being listening for those track-lists via Blue Heelers, Rising, Crusaders + Banshees or Fall To Pieces.