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Deras Domarsaten (Nordisk Kultur 2016)

   Black Metal performed by a persona called S. puts the everything efforts on the Nykoping – Sweden’s Extreme Heavy Metal sounds creepier than the old italo-horror or almost as the same level of haunting your feelings via the Forntida Minnen (Intro) coming like mystery from the compilations of Dunkla Klangor… (Kapitel I) blasting by the darkness screaming of self-torture and pain within the guitars, bass, keyboards and percussions multi-instrumental musician written down and arranging rebellious blasphemy works under the name of Mystik as Fran Fjarran Komma, Av Blodig Branning or I Aldrars Morgon telling tales of the closed door inside the dungeon path – where the elder ancients kept something there not for many people chosen to reveals it secrets I the meantime because what’s behind the door clearly, can be called a gift. 

Dunkla Klangor... (Kapitel I):