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Denogginizer (Hymen Records 1999)

Sonic explorations for the infectious penetrating loaded tracks for the dying dance-floor purposes through Ambient Music and Technoid sounds echoed and hybridization bombastic demands as threatened atmospheric results showing no mercy elements of power noise to the audiences as incorporating distorted beats causing anger and frustration to those whom listening to the meaningless signals of music like the witnessing of the death by electrocution led by the most evil mass murderer grinding through the aggressive synth-force and stronger project of the strange in eight materials tracks of destruction coming within the releasing product from Converter in this record - Coma.

First debut by Scott Sturgis the brainchild behind this madness as one man Electro-Consortium breaks with the originated Ohio and based in Seattle. The Pursuing of rhythmic noises and Industrial fields without a denying roots shall never overcome as Impure, Deadman (Perdition), Reflex or Nix – blasting in a high volume destructive stereo system from your unplugged music player.