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Denied Swan (Envinylmentallyfriendly Records 2014)

   Neo-Folk driven meets the combinations of Jazz genre and the expressing experience of a personal artistic and romance amalgam marking this third releasing from Stephen King – the North Vancouver, British Columbia guitarist and award winner sharing his idealism political and social environmental concerning as craft and wit drawing inspirational ranging for traditions funding completion to enjoying the song-writings and original acoustic summed in project as composed, arranged, produced and increasing some knowledge of wonder for nature and outskirt surroundings energy from Stephen King himself.

Meet the harmony and melodic captures for the special thanking family and friends by the man through this one via Strange Sounds in The City, 7 Lilies, Lazy Days of May or Hard To Hold marrying the great perpendicular sounds expressive and soothing atmosphere by Joy On The Landing for the rainy days breezing or the hotter weather of season of the year. 

Joy On The Landing: