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Deadland Sparrow (Four Music 2006)

   By the releasing on the second album – Trust Me; Electronic Rock, Leftfield, Psychedelic Indie Pop and experimental sounds being combined in a making for odd stuff musical for the soloist art-recording from this dark-haired mysteriously beauty German female singer/songwriter/producer/journalist and writer from Berlin – Annika Line Trost giving her colder interesting views upon the attraction for many male to look at her again twice or more and same within the weird music like the colliding aspects fro Garbage minus Shirley Manson and 80’s suspense movie actress whispers soft via the meeting before displays something related to nudity or erotic scene.

One shall believe soon after listening over Man On The Box, The Scale and The Score, In Diesem Raum or Guy Le Superhero. 

Thinking about the situation so intense under the thin clothes she wears …