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David 01:56 (Independent 2017)


   Exploring further their interest on fixing the beloved music to a disturbance creative protests in order to experimenting thus Horror-Punk Hardcore and stupid themed parks about the influencing Alice Cooper and Tampa, Florida’s surroundings lives out of Monorail Girl recording being featured here by the performance of Markky Karloff on vocals/guitars/drums and Kari Frankenstein on bass/vocals for pushing the boundaries of discomforting minimalist levels subsequent the extra-ordinary insanity and incoherent nihilism by the music of The Prople band releasing their angst of the lyrics and semi-nude female insect-hybrid on a space journey and eye sockets electrifies through Muscle of Love, Fruit Cellar and (There’s A) Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow shortly as neither boy or girl vocals will fucking punches you in the face of a brink of pissing Punk-Rock

Monorail Girl: