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Dark Trash Ex (Ever/Never 2015)

Further near-effortless potent non-essential but blending mix of several experiment textures like the straight bruised and battered sounds build from the rare stripped gold diamonds and global loom of enlargement brain of a nigga for the people seeing the truth that Lamont “Bim” Thomas is no mistakes as his Soul/ignored or feel good sonic Rn’B being raped by the distorted Hardcore/Grunge/Punk that little bit grinds your eardrums in this Obnox project selling Wiglet recording sounds of music to NRA or gun lovers which bursting the tracks like Jailhous Blues, Symbol Crash, It’s So hard to Break a Habit, Probability, Baby When I Roll Up or If You Wanna Know The Truth are giving disorder to the normality realm under the mighty chaotic riffs of Garage/Psychedelic Rock.