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Damned Villain (Independent 2018)

   Thrash metallers hailing themselves from Hull, Yorkshire - UK area within this releasing of their latest recordings over The Patient Man created and composed by arrangements of critical confidence on being consisted for the quartet of James Oxtoby (bass, vocals), Alex O-Dwyer (drums), Dan Murray (vocals, guitars) and Tome Cope (drums) givien us their performance of triumph onto the Progressive explosion and highly techniques and power energetic melodies over this one; as ten crushing tracks with mild extreme but didn’t losing their superiority sounds can entertaining your head-banging moments while listening to them by Rust & Coal, Tomahawk, When Beggars Die, Deceit or Interstice pushing the ridicule onto reality produced by Mikey Scott as time might be ticking as death confirms its presence taking souls of innocents by the hands of murderous significant story-telling of metallic observations by XIII the group that gives all of their collectible efforts off The Patient Man album. 

PS. Stop being cowards; starts listening to the true metal sounds !

The Patient Man: