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Damned Rip This ! (Metal Blade Records 2007)

   Aiming on the massive mistakes that already did by men in their entire lives just like the nature destruction or the killing acts in the name of prosperity and peace or the fundamental fanatic mission to transforming others following you bringing what’s right to believe with the angst aggression victimized background and threats clearly exploding with the band’s melodic Metal-Core and Hardcore metallic provided by Andrew Carey, Craig Chaney, Jason Southwell and Kyle Mims on their fifth releasing albums portraying in Wolfbiker sounds like non-conformist and free-themed titles to executes within the bigger amplifiers and louder volume to kills and promote the new against the old beliefs and point of views by Evergreen Terrace - the band.

   Double pedals thrashing beats, growler screamo manic leads as well as rhythmic or riffs ruling the stereo under the harmony background vocals might too damn fierce to be ignored as Bad Energy Troll, High Tide Or No Tide, Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Helmet’s Page Hamilton which may sounded silly but kept the fury templates burnt to the total heat just like Where There is Fire We Will Carry Gasoline or To The First Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Rolling Thunder Mental Illness shortly but never tight related spoken about the daily issues on the differences between forward and backward; republican and democrats or right and wrong being the good guys. 

This band’s achievement really fucking trusted well to have as a finest metallic collection and head-banger’s ball confrontation anthems !