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Crosscut Saw (Not On Label 2010)

What do you know about the artistic presentation from dark haired Mari Mack as a woman ? first you need to listening about her style music through at least, this recording called Can’t Go Back because you will after listening to her sensual arousing voice and performance but most of all – the combinations off the Jazzy, Blues, Soulful Pop and tracks like Birthday Suit which also introducing Livin’ Like Kings ensemble featuring drummer Rob RJ Franco, bassist Arne Frager or acosuti guitarist Freedy Clarke the song-writer just like monophonic horns duo: trumpeter Ryan Scott and tenor saxophone player Alex Baky onto Georgie the next song straight to Sometime as well as When Something is Wrong with My Baby calls the romantic and the break-up and thus cheating themes kidn of legal to illegal things happened in this lives really can easily destroying your hearts but if you surviving stronger enough and let it go up not giving in but keeps on moving on – the reality doesn’t have to be gloomy anymore – especially, as Mari Mack is around to entertaining you with her performance, her smiles and her things that going to make you feel freely epic as hmmm …

Can't Go Back: