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Courtney Love Buy Gun (Bandcamp 2016)

   Punk-Noise plus Glam and Rock N’ Roll effects from the distortions spraying the geek girl’s face like it’s fuckin’ cumming out from some kinds of alien’s giant penis as the ejaculation timing reaches the peak performance as these Denton, TX quartet consisting for Rick Chrysler (synthesizers, support vocals), Ethan Hope (drums and cymbals), Adam Nail-Salon (bass, support vocals) and Robinson Marlin (guitars, lead vocals) plus some other more musicians added to their formats releasing this Love Songs From The Slime World and the sticky goo liquid may infecting the female’s face with seeds from outer spaces just like your na├»ve girlfriend being pregnant after she doing a non-conscious copulation to the highly intelligent beings came down using UFO.

Jesus Christ + The Beetles is your fine choice – when there’s no other choices to entertaining the Indie Rock genre demands on cranking up Comfort, Only Glass, Sheet Rock onto I’m a Bad Person and I’m Going to Hell – for measuring the asterisk sign on number nine track had a important meaning rather than just a casual suits or the group pose looking a little bit serious there.

Love Songs From The Slime World: