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Couches Basement (Kill Rock Stars 2015)

Ordinary not perfect and looking odd people gathered together and decided to make their own group of Garage-Rock based in Punk-Rock trio of Seattle, WA and for that includes the names tagging for Matt Nyce (bass), Rachel Ratner (guitars) and Dave Ramm (drums) doing everything themselves and wrote some mid-tempo non-calculating Northwest streaming zipper Pop-Rock independent spontaneous lyrics and music for the second recording of Wimps entitled – Suitcase.

The chosen themes about less love on the album and entirely familiar for horror and mystery cases might be found out here through Book People about nerds, Dave’s Babes related to the playboy lifestyle or Old Guy which can be describing creepy to Dump or Vampire – mostly, all written for the shorter verses and durations but will wakes your imagination up in the silly distorting process. 

Mischievous entity has opening the bag and the demonic soul comes out and possessing your entire family one by one … sounded recognizable enough ?