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Cope Bloom Gun (RCA/Fire Records 1993)

   Reminding yourself about how on earth the atmosphere of the early to the midst of the nineties era of Grunge and Alternative Rock presentations that era as the thing representative for the honest, simplicity and spontaneous just like how Dave Gibbs (vocals, guitars), Phil Hurley (guitars), Steve Hurley (bass) and Paul Brouwer (drums) did to their own music performance which collectively, combining the Pop-Punk pleasure with thus seminal Hard Rock and Indie Rock N’ Roll baptizing as Gigolo Aunts as their third albums being a very good one released there under the title of Flippin’ Out - completing the great choices of melodies and short-story even for the anorexia person listening happy and sing through Lemon Peeler, Ride On Baby Ride On, Where I Find My Heaven, Lullaby to Mrs. Washington or Figurine and Pin Cushion; creatively bursting awesome solos, ordinary vocals and daily issues to crank a smiling introvert interests over their audience. 

Flippin' Out: