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Coliziunea Antiteroristi (Self-Released 2005)

   You might be saying big “wow” while listening to the performance from these Bucharest, Romania’s Noise Rock and Black Metal affiliations in such a Grungy-based sounds off Dani, Doru and Grig a trio force whom arranging the music background by Post-Mioritic Rock in mixed tempos just like how The Melvins decided to changed their appearance to a more-like Motorhead meets Venom meets old Nirvana blasts here on the figure of Pandrea band.

   The mid-tempo riff-age to the faster extreme growler means something missing out and strangely, disfigured within the entire package of Instituia Suprema album as Sceneta 1 that lasted for eighteen seconds short trying to be combined with thus six minutes and twenty-two seconds of Lucifer Satanas Historiam or the longer duration for El Grand Finale that being progressively grows within ten minutes and seventeen seconds top. Thus churches minarets now visible spreads those signals of irrelevant commands to kill your environmental nature and those disbelievers and transgender whom really fast conquering the society – trying to retaken the culture and community by their hands to keep it themselves along.  

The parabola antennas sending those hatred crossing the global minds in many forms not just like you could imagine before … 

Institutia Suprema: