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Classic Smash (Self-Released 2017)

Starring Ana Emily Monaco playing her guitars and did vocals, Benton Silick on bass guitar as well as Aaron Mika the drummer performing their group saturation of Americana spirits within the Alternative Garage Punk independent outlaws themed for western hemisphere which Anamon trio had their experiences written down to make lyrics and sounds not too damn wiser but good enough to sparkling you within the glitch of being humane as recorded while not sleeping but everyone resulting the Stubborn Comfort and the bull logo golden worship shows and former years of struggles as you hearing Kneel Old, Fast Car, The Magician, Queen Of Fools and Bird. Posing themselves surrounded by bushes or cotton farm on the background isn’t trying to add anything about and or follows their existence but these Rochester, New York unit just wanna be exactly, simple, far from elegant and average by the look but interesting enough to be called listenable Pop-Country Punks. 

Stubborn Comfort: