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Christina Ricci (Insubordination Records 2009)

   People seems to like it – the Punk-Rock Pop just like this Salinas – California bringing their catchy mid-tempo music loud and little bit fast with romantic themes and daily stories written by themselves to encouraging the listeners as proclaiming themselves as The Adorkables comprising for Eric (bass, vocals), Patrick (lead guitars) and Adam (drums) and Chris (guitars) even if it isn’t ended up better by the positive ideas and expectation to your relationship results via …She Loves Me Not showing the gallows-line for broken-hearted suicide right on The Ramones and Skater-Pop Punkish style to die for in distinct type of metabolism pumping adrenaline and feelings through Nenci, 21st Birthday, Make It Work, Staring Problem, Dance Class and 1408 which mostly, telling you the keys on surviving the high school times before personally dropped-out  unaffected and stagnant is sounding fresh here. 

Great imitation to their predecessors catalogs that clearly – given your ears kinds of pleasure to loving Punk-Pop local. 

...She Loves Me Not: