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Caste A Light (Self-Released 2015)

   Inferius Torment of Omsk – Russia has been formed since long time ago as the seeds of spawning Black metal writing about Satanism, anti-christianity and anti-humanity with Morbid (guitars), Inferiour (vocals), Ferrum (bass) and Torturer (drums) but later on simplifying their name onto IT as proclaiming wars against christened religious beliefs but also within that comes the lecturing blasphemous rhetoric which describing the mini-recording from them as brutal and raw and dark sinister trying given this works over primordial roots within Islam as the origins of worship might comes from the ancient Hubal Moon God the highest; impact related to efreet, jinn spirits in both human physical and spiritual symbiosis male and female begun at lunar cult, historic roots confrontations upon Babylon, Jerusalem and Arabia onto kissing ritual of blackstone or circling tawaf around Kaaba going against the course of the sun as well as Sheela Na Gig as primary magic recognizable conveys the most as prevailing images to the world conquests as beauty hide behind the veils symbolized the victorious points after the prayers did The Hajj 5, finding enlightenment upon the bloody celebration over Great Day of Ashura or revealing the mystery off Seven Ways – Seven Suns which resulting the metallic ambient band dare to explains that they’re not endorsing or supports terrorism extremists by any kinds of facism or organizations led the conquering territory for greed economy values only.