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Can Only Become Them (American Broadcasting Company 1993)


   Haven, Maine should be a real-fantasy turning reality for the living of fiction writer Bobbi Anderson and boyfriend Jim Gardner the poet living together with their beloved dog Petey on the outskirt but both suffers a major problems with their career and relationship as one day stumbles this man-made stone objects protruding from the ground near the forest edge as curiously discovers and excavating more to find strange stone-cubes of the unknown; as introducing some other characters like Joe Paulson a postal worker whom cheats on his wife deputy Becka to his co-worker Nancy Voss whom having a long history of adulterous ways by many inhabitants, the local bar owner Bryant Brown and Marie; Marie’s father Ev Hillman and seven years old Davey; Sheriff Ruth Merill the town watcher also an avid doll collector with her relationship to tropper Butch Duggan a state police. With the more objects unearthed so did the strange effects creeping in affect making subtle changes for the local town-folks as insomnia commonly happens to rudimentary telepathy with some other folks begin to create invention gadgets of various kitchen tools, batteries, appliance and inventing the glowing green active machines like automatic letter sorter, telepathic typewriter or BLT sandwich as Gardner astonished for witnessing that on his girlfriend – Bobbi whose keeps on digging compulsively around the artifact area revealing more with eerie daily music scores composed by Christopher Franke via the national anthem and instrumentals or strange chants in ambient electro-classics for influencing your thoughts. As children like Hilly can improving constructs for magic machine that can make several inanimate objects disappear even her brother Davey while Joe having a weird television program to watch while having affair with Nancy as the demand to kill him by the host and contestant inside the tubes might be as strange as in the morning at home his wife Becka electrocuted him in horror before goes insane and put in a psychiatric hospital as well as Hilly drones the repeating nursery rhyme about Tommyknockers.
Nancy Voss continues to inventing futuristic devices like disintegrator ray in a lipstick to destroy anything including when she kills two state-troopers as most of the stores and places are closed with more townpeople works their devices or digging on the excavation site the strange missing and accidents like how sheriff Merrill being attacked by her own dolls collection at the office assaulted and stab and gone since. As trooper Duggan shocked seeing the apathy and terrible looks of most towners had: falling out, baggy eyes, pale skins with great exhaustion with Gardner realizing about how everyone being possessed by something evil as his vehicles disable to flee out town caused by the green energy barrier as the town slowly deserted. 
   After the garage fights between Gardner and Anderson and old man Hillman tells them to find the boy – Davey; leads the couple to fully aware and conscious to entering the biggest green-glowing stone cubes which actually an entrance to an underground passage tunnel turns out to be a big alien spaceship as the portal opens with mummified alien corpses with fangs, extended skulls, sharp-claws and grey skins discovering a giant wheel device with strapped alien on it suppose to be linked by telepathy only to find Davey mind being drain by the ship inside the crystal flood of emotions through scuffle with Gardner bring back Bobbi mind out of the evil alien controls and awaken some as Gardner connect himself to the ship’s control panel. 
As Stephen King’s (The) Tommyknockers creepy movie ending breaks the towners to runaway seeing the starship active and shaking the area surrounds it as Nancy trying to kill the couple with an axe before being choked to death by the captive Hillman whom dies later as the alien ship begins to lifting off other alien technology on the surface blown up as well as Gardner causing the starship goes higher to the sky and explodes by his mind control. 
Everyone survived from the alien influences and suffering no more as being freed with Anderson mourns for her loss.