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Calatrava Activated (Independent 2013)

Scott Endres soloist project recording on his own so-called self-wandering Doomy blending Sludge and progression of experimental Drone/Dark-Wave and Ambient further stepping out of the Electro-Industrial methods and Psychedelic thoughts flowing creepy sounds and eerie beats within the mechanical drumming samples piece (originally performed by Matt Stevenson) and scary harmony synthesizers played to performs by Scott Endres far from his previous band’s guitarist job apply.

Faded Memory From A Dying Sun may consisted as this project named The Pod exists and these bold thrilling one variable of Sludge Metal expression consistency might lasted underground as excellent and recommended for those whom still remembering how suspense the television True Detective series used to broadcasts and further more waving enters the last breathing planet rock from the third orbits as its core glooming would be certainly, related to the themes written here: Going Home, Collecting Dust, Foil, 2.35, Before The Law, Lost Time and The Perimeter Lined with Dirt stays low-profiling cemented as total madness attraction artworks for the normal brains. 

Faded Memory From A Dying Sun: