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Buffet Froid (Free Electric Sound 2007)

   French weirdos group playing their fusion of extreme fun but remarkably, designed to be confusing the audience except thus expert listeners whom loving Cross-Over sounds like this one. Led by Christophe Godin with the rocking outfit names as Morglbl for their second recording releases to your choice in fronting madness mixtures and several more gratitude in magnifying pleasure of furious techniques attack through beats and grooves that blended the artworks over Funk, Jazz, Heavy Metal and blistering Pop to be concluded solid firing the public border hearing areas within these French Latino-tinged non-fashionable fused for Grotesk. 
   Keeps on crossing much farther onto the scientific plus adventurous amalgamate sounds like Primus on dangerous drugs uses which perfectly, describing on Tapas Nocturne, L’ami Deglingo, Le Project Pied De Biche, Lieutenant Colombin right for the Fevrier Afghan, Totale Bricole and The Toy Maker – matches the insanity products suits only for the subordinated fearless abnormal ears adjustment.