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Boulders Much (Self-Released 2018)

Colored bee must be a very rare to see around you just like the choice that made by the project mastermind on this stronghold explorations story book recording extended play album navigating the pride on releasing ideas among the basic Psych-Pop and Indie Rock motions within the guitar performance from the female intuitions behind red veil of Livvy Bennett, drums of Dylan Hill to the keyboardist Michael Hunter for the sweaty dens lasting bonds as inspiring significant decision to moving from Austin to LA is a good call as the warmth loving naivety for Fundamental Thrive Hive is sociable and penetrating brains in a good way positively as Mamalarky sending their stings of Pop-Progressive Psychedelic over Nonmonogamy in three minutes and thirty-eight seconds as well as Mama’s Bear shorter onto two minutes and fifty-nine seconds – a new world record for the unknown melodic maker to surfacing their special fate if dare …

Fundamental Thrive Hive: