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Boring Failed (Sabotage/Trujaca Fala 2005)

   Woman’s head exploding in the form which not really gruesome as suitable to picturing the energize of how issues may vary the difference outcome as beauty blows out if one cannot handling the main course just like protesting lyrics comes out bursting like eruptions out of the volcano as the mixed Hardcore hot-plate angst and speed meets the rebellious Punk Rock in one package as Monster giving us their works out of Death Before Dishonor LP as a debut with the members comprising for Alexandre Legare, Jobst Eggert, Marek Sarba and Matthias Dabrowski  planning the first attempts as featuring a male figure having its face explodes onto a black hole left behind the spirit and soul fly away like the hope and faith carried out by fate of the injustice world towards the have-nots and the powerless roaming through the themed tracks such as Like Pearls, When 2 Men Kiss portraying the gay-generation that grows, System of Casts for economically purposes under the reign of religious hypocrites, Warrant and Motorcycle Madness onto Blurring Faces; may forcing you to throw any First Rock and starting the circle of sins once again for mankind on one single mistakes in the name of greater goods !

Death Before Dishonor: