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Bon Vivant (V2 2013)

   Maxime Barlag the vocalist/keyboardist and percussion; Tom Broshuis on guitars/keyboards/bass onto Samgar Jacobs the vocalist/percussion and Danny van Tiggele on guitars/background vocals whose forming Mister and Mississippi doing their combination music from Folk-Country, Pop-Rock and Rock N’ Roll to Indie-Pop measurement releasing their debut album recording with the same self-titled.
   Amazing images and atmosphere collectively gathered while the harmony vocals of leading female and good description over the natural surroundings for northern sea territory means everything to the audience to listen carefully, to loving the courage works from these band from The Netherlands. 
   One can liking to press the play button and having some greater times learning about peaceful study for the late flower generation calmness taking to be the good subjects again here via Same Room Different House, Nemo Nobody, Follow The Sun, Coloured in White or Six Feet Under not forcing you to run out something but wandering your dreams fulfilling minds to nurturing the water planet as well as finding similarity not differences within the indifferent.

Mister And Mississippi: