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Blue Dreamed Part 2 (Cinq 7 2016)

Being known as their other alias for The Dodoz but through the better public main-characterized of harmonic Las Aves sounds – later on: Adrien Cassignol as well as Geraldine Baux onto Jules Cassignol and Vincent Argiolas may gladly, singing and approves that their works exclusively, becoming a good efforts with such a werid tempos and sounds collective over this Electronic Synth-Pop and Indie Rock recording reminding you alike for how female Alternative vocals meet the groovy beats of the new millennium modern mastermind infection sounds to be ejected and fell on Die In Shanghai. 

A spacecraft or a tire’s chrome-dope thrown to the waterfront of the metropolis  or it’s a art-deco artistic session form an unnamed painter but anyway, those spoiled girl vocals, seminal standard beats like Trip-Hop blended with Alternative Noir music revitalizing on and on along the performance plays for Perfect Mess, N.E.M, First Aid Blanket or Hearbeats of the sophomore lesser-known recording as fun and dangerous by thoughts as the smaller amount of Gasoline or Lioness strictly force to break free from the domination of boredom. 

Die In Shanghai: