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Blow 02:35 (Self-Released 2018)

   Thrashing trenches of hierarchy of Heavy Metal extreme provision provides by the innovative – most madness vomited filth of whirlwind technical did by the bursts of Mike Patton’s deserted station outpost in the middle of barren icy landscape accompanied by deluged piano, strings or brass and aggressive Mathcore to Djent or Metal-Core progressions hits the jackpot of merciless angst and interactive sounds to consumes by those whom calling themselves as a real weird music fans. Strange pictorial front cover that shows us the couples of tiny elf or angels-like creatures as well as fable animals or terrifying ghouls performing traditional music but releasing them in this remarkable mixed visions over The Vulgarian Philharmonic from Luke “Lou” Kelly – who looks like a crazy head and beardy person and mean dare and succeeded to offering the world his works like this one.
   Ukiah, California is one of those places around West Coast that did not recognizable by public now enjoying the flicks of fame within the disturbing tracks performing raw to the mass-consumption such as Scrape, Strike, Blown and the rest of the (Instrumentals) neat bashing followed by distraction on underground products that adding some vocal contributors as well. 

The Vulgarian Philharmonic: