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Bittersweet (Twilight Vertieb 2011)

   Eichstatt – Bavaria to Ingolstadt later moving in might be these Germany’s Melodic Death Metal with Sebastian Kister on bass guitar, Tobias Schill the drummer, Andreas Schiegl the shredder onto Bastian Loser the vocalist and guitarist Josef Hiltmann for releasing their second full studio recording on their album of Scarvest being harvesting the golden wheat planted by the living but did later by the dead rising as your headless figure holding a sickle sharp enough to then aiming it to your neck and rip your soul out as the double pedals and horrific riff-age blasting and explosive bombarding your head and ears for about forty-two minutes and fifty-nine seconds as the tempos sounding violent and spreading so much filth dangers to the audiences to see clearly, that the end must be counting days nearer than you think it’s still far or not existing.
   Giving the sixty-three percents of your energy being sucked there by the grinding music and smart themes to wrote down by the group via Achilles’ Sons, 7H8P7P5H7, Everlasting, Mysery, Down To Zero and The Greed – seems to be promising that the end will be upon this planet citizen as the counting starts to stop the season ends.