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Birth Of Kruug (Black Lotus Records 2004)

   Like the real Europa planet descents but actually, taken from a PC-gaming; these entire crew of Dol Ammad (the band) from Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia wriiten down their expectations of ideas based on fantasy, cosmos and space explorations into the belnding magnificent on their Progressive Symphonic and Operatic Metal plus the additions for Electronic musical influences on this debut album performs by Nick Terry on bass guitar, Alex Holzwarth behind the fantastic drumming skills, Thanasis Lightbridge did the synthesizers-samples-effects as well as Jimmy Wicked on guitars while the gorgeous women vocalists performing their highly recommended jobs for singing the songs through various type of vocalizations like Vicky Alexaki and Maria Stolaki (alto vocals) onto the choirs of Mary Palanska, Sofia Patsi and Konstantina Strani also some male voices as well too for tenors – Alexandros Barmpas, Themis Mpasdekis and Panos Iaboultakis among others.

   The debut full album recording called Star Tales really comes in such as fast as the warp-timing boosts journey through the universe explores as Classical and Heavy Metal meet in big collision right in the middle of the twelve representing music tracks on the bright side of coloring lights as your challenges adventures to take and highly risked but as the opening Dreamport followed by Eclipse (Corona of The Sun), Back To The Zone and The Hill of Hope or Mission Butterfly cranking out the stereo system loud – one shall realizing that this remarkable beauty isn’t just about amazing harmonies but also head-banging in outer-space kinds of experiences that you’ll need to hear before you decided to migrating somewhere else and miss the show !

Star Tales: