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Billboard Prayer (Bandcamp 2018)

   Isn’t a traditional band that used to playing Folk-Music by the old ancient traditional ways because these Wellington – New Zealand three piece band of plural genders which calling themselves as simply – Hex would definitely a Pagan Folk Metal and Rock Arena whom really can wrote down such an interesting music parts in a neutral beliefs closer to harmony vocals  in female form mixed with natural paganism and old ways as GG Van Newtown, Kiki Van Newtown and Jason Erskine calling all the sisters, calling to the mothers and calling over the universe and yourself; as being influenced for the quick alignment on incisive lyrics, levels of Opera Rock by riffage onto the reflection of mother nature chaos approaching over Post-Commercialism with cover arts made by Holly Aitchison and the spanning musical affair drawn over the palm inside The Hill Temple means symbolic as sacred as The Moon, It Begins with a Man, Runes/Ruins and even Sight Beyond The Line preserving the greatest displays of rocking Folk sounds to its Indie Rock resolution through ritual magic. 

The Hill Temple: