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Baptizer Dawn (Independent 2017)

   Unsigned (not yet) turbulence force of storm-maker trio of metal-heads performing their blisters Sludge Doom Metal in the format of Brendan Gunn (bass), Chris Doyle (drums) and Peter Sacco on guitars/vocals sending thus distinguished terrible disturbance through their magnitude sounds as these Vancouver – British Columbia group naming themselves – Empress would definitely, stealing your interest over a heavier new sounds of fierce demagogue within the extended play recording entitled – Reminiscence. The lost continent of land which surrounded by mysteries and sunken dreams in form of shipwreck and nightmarish female spirit wearing white may connected to those twenty-seven minutes and forty-seven seconds in five tracks explosions.

From the song - Immer, The Offering to They Speak like Trees might really sounding very metallic and disrupted to crank up open for normal days rejections from the damned world to Metal-Music dark.