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Avarice Sheets (Good Eye Records 2014)

   Softer but not that softening the way how independent waving high on the hearts of idealistic musicians on representing Seattle’s Rock scene nowadays and for that reasons – this city keeps going to giving you surprises where more good impressive and unique bands spawning out to entertains your hunger for Alternative Rock choices like the trio of Cael, Niko and Nessa forming their band called Scarves. Borrowing the influence sounds brought by the likes and history of knowing the legendary US New Wave's excellent masters Devo and Dreamy Punk salute distortion in mid-tempo melodic by hometown growth rating to the over timing for combination mixture within Northwest Indie-Pop, Math Rock, Classic emo-tional creative landscape outfits as being led by a female vocalist with standard but little bit cutey vocals for the releasing on ghastly album entity Empty Houses stories taking the tracks like Icarus with a Rattle Can, Aimless, Warm beds or A “Pop” Song sounded weirder but catchy as millennium genre demands some Post-reasonable within good creative not too damn serious but clever smart to listen kinds of independence shoot-out interesting musical.

Empty Houses: