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Aut0m4ton Fr1d4y (Maximum Pelt Records 2014)

   Meet the long standing natives of Chicago whom met since teen-sucking days and been playing as stick together in a magical creative Punk-Rock tree or Rock N’ Roll trunk and branches for Blues Rock and planting Psychedelic fruits maximum as weird as they’re looked alike to see here through the career releasing musical progress within almost as many titles as possible and now here’s the recording made by M4551V3 3G0 which are consisting of M4G1K Aeon, FVM0 Stromboli and Dan R1C0 being produced by Ryan Reidy and themselves might looking similar to the softer nutty version for the combination of Butthole Surfers and The Buggles inside this album called – D0n’t which artistically, made them a semi-demigods of frontal spontaneous music blasts in catchy modes and free-thoughts and the listeners can calling them either Massive Ego or just simply, Ego. SL1T, H34vy H34vy, P3riph3real V1zionz as well as Cynic4l onto W31rd Ch1ck @ The Dustbowl and And N0w I’m F33ling L0w plays several funny rules attached to the creative right brain sided of the band – melting most of the logical issues that you might thinking off them producing pheromone-like feelings that keeps you insane to live the mortal world.