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At The Edge Of (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond 2016)

Cosmic jazzy horn sections opening the layers of your skies as similar to delirious detachment beyond anything closer to the phrase of a sane normality which appropriates the abnormal astrological rotations of musical sound ensemble presented by the type of cult-group like session as the revolving axis on sonic energy lies upon thus two songs arranged and written carefully by the served and attentions peaking these Stockholm, Sweden controls of essential hand-works and creativity of a twin engine as a slow tunes manage to kissing with the saxophone solos within the synths emerging absolution over the Avant-Garde Kraut-Rock space and Progressive Psychedelic experiences through the twenty minutes and twenty-six seconds epic soft and defective playful title of In The Beginning of Time recorded by Our Solar System as universally, wider and foremost perhaps – unlimited. Watch out for thus same white dresses and one minds for this creations of In Time exclusively, exploded inside your brain while you listening to them.

In Time: