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Arrived They’re (Nightbreaker Productions 2016)

 Elvio Corona the drummer, bassist and guitarist/vocalist as well as Stefano Oliva on bass/vocals to Lorenzo Balia the drummer hailing from Cagliari, Sardinia brought their full-length album records of the debut and for now, the only one performance since they’re making some demo tapes and materials to produced which talking mostly, often about alcohol, moshing and alien-raping over female humans in general as cases comes and go with being told to public as hoax but the reality isn’t that simple which now these total Thrash Metal blasting confirmed that everything’s real but being covered up fucking well by the media and government. 

As the red-haired woman being zap by laser gun or Raped by Aliens, Weed Sells (…And We’re Buying) seems to be mocking fun for Megadeth’s infamous hit or The Toxic Avenger Attacks through Broken Leg Dance and Pleasure to Grill comes like there’s No Retribution among Street Sharks but feeding on the weakest of all and life would be continued without any more further news From Uranus To Your Anus kinds of stuff in extreme. 

You just being shut down and gagged again but Abduction of the Italian Thrash Metal scene wanted to set you free to scream out telling the truth to the goddamn world ! 

From Uranus To Your Anus: