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Archer Nomini Violent (Relapse Records 2016)

   Extensively cannot be and resisting to be categorized and generalized as the quintet possessing unparalleled universe of rocking music uniquely found out within these wide-spreading name calls to themselves as T.J Childers the drummer, Steven Russell and Trey Dalton on the guitars department; vocalist Mike Paparo and Joe Kerkes on bass guitar might somewhere being mentioned as one of the worst band coming out from Richmond, VA but the reality sees that this connecting of the blended Black Metal Sludge with Progressive Psychedelic Metal given the powerful passages that grew out expansively funereal and evocative in heaviness as your forward thinking for Extreme metallic music causing some propulsive proportions to getting thicker, darker and also fully grooved like the formations you would find inside the compositions over the tracks like Primordial Wound, Transfiguration, Potomac or even The Paradise Gallows and Where the Earth Meets the Sky releasing what we should calling as the small apocalypse in growling gazing sounds of Post-Metal, Doomy Sludge, Avant-Garde and Death metal epic provides by the Inter Arma’s destructive crushed journey over the ocean in Paradise Gallows … 

Paradise Gallows: