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Amours Sixties (Milk & Chocolate 2009)

   Punkish Pop and displaying sensuality of woman’s legs in high heel boots really being original as Stella Peel’s recording session being recorded by Steve Albini within the performance of guitarist/vocalist girl Stella Peel and Sylvain Falcou on guitars and drums machine; which all songs lyrics written by the female founder as this releasing for First Album sounded simple, raw but popular as catchy as weird in solos in such of Punk-Pop electro-interested but not just changing their style to modernism quickly.

Still, the duo playing live instruments and singing while the rebellious spawn of Pop measuring that tracks like Mein Koter, Chained, Sonic to Wanna or Question of Time feels free but non-commercial by the smells – even their tasty like sour candy that would make one addicted to the music, maybe ! 

First Album: