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All Is Gone (RCA 1980)

   You shall never can stop felling creepy scared and laughing as well with the events of bloody murders of revenge happening through the movie slasher in Prom Night film; begun as the group of naughty kids playing their semi-ritual bullying game of hide and seek somewhere around seventy-four era as the smaller girl Robin Hammond being curious and accidentally joining the play inside an abandoned big building as the others teasing her by shouting kill, kill, kill as the afraid girl Robin moved back towards the window and fell to her death from the heights. A rapist later being blamed for her death was arrested. 
   Within the years passing and the era of Pop music background the movie for Paul Zaza and Carl Zittrer compiling the original soundtrack from motion picture by the mxture of Funk/Soul and Disco various artists music works like Gordean Simpson’s Fade To Black, Blue Bazar on Forever onto the instrumental composing tracks by Paul Zaza/Carl Zittrer over Changes, Dancing In The Moonlight or Love Me Til I Die captures the continuity of with Kelly, Judy and Wendy got the prank phoney calls from an obscene caller mysteriously giggles like lunatic over the line while the school Prom night date is closing. Senior students Kelly get dressed up before a mysterious figure came and slits her throat after Drew leaving her over the unfinished quickie. Jude and Slick having sexual atcitivity on the van also being attacks by the giggling masked figure as it tumbles down the cliff and explodes. 
   The bathroom wielding axed killer chasing Wendy at school but after escaping attempts she too gets murdered screaming as also decapitating Lou as the head went to the dance floor – leaving the prom-goers panic in horror. Kim and Nick preparing to escape while confronting the killer and brawls as kim striking the killer with his own axe as the crowned Prom’s queen - Kim knows him as they’re staring at each other. The dying killer reveals to be Alex whom tries to avenge Robin’s death knowing how Kelly, Wendy and Nick being responsible for their sister’s accident as he died in Kim’s arms. 

Such a Classics one - starring Leslie Nielsen and Jamie Lee Curtis.