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Alisamadim Emin Firt (Yasar Kurt 2003)

   A founding figure of his first Alternative Rock group before turning solos as his first album being recorded in Germany and for the national level stardom – Yasar Kurt is your phenomenal musician whom needs to be focused at while you trying to like some serious Grunge Rock and Pop Alternative that having roots of traditional but also the major recognizable of less commercial Folk-ballads and the standard for being the voice of the people as a singer and musician whom really got guts to writing universal songs just like this Istanbul’s Rock song-writer/singer figure showing us how smaller bravery blossoms the changes against the repressive oppressors. 
   Graduated from Anadolu university and continues his works in several projects especially, his own materials compiled within the album recording – Anne that sounding sophomore. The audience shall liking the good, low-profiled and clever moves in little bit reflection silence within music performance through Dostum (My Friend), Kukla (Pretty Doll), Kamyonlar Kavun Tasir (Melon Truck Carrier) onto Perdesiz Cura and Haydi Erkekler Savasa among others – which truly, enjoyable to hear even though you needing a Turk dictionary to translating mostly, things over the lyrics but as universally, sounds can explaining more than just words or story; this compilation might independently gives you newer perceptions around how the turks living their lives to go advance and beyond.